Overview Of Panchavaktra Infra-Tech

Panchavaktra Infra-Tech believes that a healthy infrastructure enable us to remain a strong and prosperous nation. This can happen only if we move forward with vision, leadership, and community involvement and support. We must work together to develop a path forward and begin the first crucial steps. With perseverance and a common goal, we can work together to rebuild our great infrastructure.

Liberalization of government regulations and a deliberate strategy on the part of the Indian Government to promote infrastructure spells lot of opportunities. Nearly all of the infrastructure sectors present excellent opportunities, with roads and highways, ports and airports, railways and power standing out as particular bright spots, with staggering sums of investment planned. Construction is the second largest economic activity in India after agriculture, and has been growing rapidly. The production of industrial machinery has also been on the rise – and the increasing flow of goods has spurred increases in rail, road and port traffic, necessitating further infrastructure improvements.

Panchavaktra Infra-Tech is emerging as a premier Service Provider in the multi-utility sector. Soon it is going to diversify into the educational sector also, primarily in competitive exam segment, and market research segment.

Panchavaktra Infra-Tech seeks to leverage its extensive pool of intellectual capital for adding value to the efforts of various sectors in India and abroad. The Company intends to build its capacity to provide services for various infrastructure and other sectors like education and technology. We are equipped to take on the vast canvas of project development, where man, material and money converge is required to provide the finished landscape.

Panchavaktra Infra-Tech is the subsidiary of Panchavaktra Holdings which is a conglomerate with diversified business interests across the world. We have multi-industry companies engaged in different businesses. Each company has its own strong entity and hold in market. With such strength the Holdings is making its mark in every road it is travelling. Panchavaktra Holdings portfolio also comprises of Trading (Minerals and Ores), Logistics, Power (Generation and Distribution), Infra-Tech (Infrastructure Construction and Development) and Enterprise (FMCG and Agro Products, Dairy Farming etc.).

Panchvaktra is among the companies in India to be modeled as an infrastructure developer holding company with investments spread across various sectors. Today, Panchvaktra leads into development of infrastructure projects on PPP basis across sectors such as Roads & Expressways, Ports, Hydro Power, Urban infrastructure, Airports, Special Economic Zones, Water and Waste water management, Railways, Power Transmission lines, Solar Power and Agricultural Infrastructure.

We are present in the following areas of Infrastructure development:

  • Project Development
  • Project Advisory
  • Sector Specific Operations & Maintenance